Hi, I'm Jen! You caught me at an exciting time in my family's life! We are in the midst of a transition from San Diego to Bend, and after a whirlwind end to my San Diego photography adventures, I am taking some much wanted time to spend with my family and explore everything beautiful Bend has to offer. See you on the river!

Watch Me in Action at the SAN DIEGO HUMANE SOCIETY

My love of animals, and particularly dogs, was my initial inspiration to become a photographer. I volunteered at the San Diego Humane Society during the four years that we lived there, as well as the shelter, Paws in Chicago before that. More than anything I love donating my skills to help shelter pups find their forever homes. Thanks to my amazing, Emmy award-winning friend Bree Steffen for filming this expose on my volunteer photography at the San Diego Humane Society during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has now been viewed over 23,000 times on Facebook! You can check out Bree's amazing work at Pause Creative Collective.