This Is Me

A nature girl and tom boy at heart. Born and raised in the Great White North (Canada), I moved to Chicago in 2014 to be with my husband, Shane, whom I met in Mexico while on vacation one serendipitous December, “I’ll have a margarita with a side of husband please!” We proudly live in San Diego, California with our three rescue dogs, Buddha, Bob and Tony.

I love the imperfect, humorous, irrepressible journey that I have been on in my life. Which is also why I love photography. Beautiful, unscripted chaos is real life and I delight in capturing it!

Who I Serve

The insanely busy Moms and Dads out there who rarely have time for themselves. The SOON to be Moms and Dads out there who want to capture the magic of maternity. Any and all couples who want to let loose, have fun and get adventurous with their engagement sessions, or have a session just because! And of course, all dogs, always.

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Giving Back

My love of animals, and particularly dogs, was my initial inspiration to become a photographer. I currently volunteer at the San Diego Humane Society (and previously the Humane Society in all the US cities I've lived). I love donating my skills to help these amazing pups find a forever home. Thanks to my amazing, Emmy award-winning friend Bree Steffen for filming this expose on my volunteer photography at the San Diego Humane Society during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has now been viewed over 23,000 times on Facebook! You can check out Bree's amazing work at Pause Creative Collective.