But now that we're friends, you can call me Jen. Born and raised in the Great White North (aka Canada), I moved to the US in 2014 to live with my hubby in Chicago while he was finishing medical school. After continuing a financially successful but unfulfilling career in sales for a few years, I quit in search of something more. I have ALWAYS loved photography, and had 4 beautiful models at home to practice on (3 dogs and 1 husband). It turns out that with a whole lot of dedication, a whole lot of online education, an endlessly supportive family, and a few amazing mentors and friends along the way, you can become just about anything you set your mind and heart on.

Taking the leap

After a few years of endless studying and assisting, I officially started Jennifer Regnier Photography in 2017 when we moved to San Diego, California. It has been by far the most challenging and rewarding endeavor of my life. I’ve dabbled in pretty much every kind of photography you can think of along the way, which has allowed me to perfect my style. And now I can focus my energy and creativity on photography that brings me the most joy, which is when I get to tell the story of your beautiful life.

Not your Typical photographer

I am NOT is a typical portrait photographer. I don’t want you just standing in a line, putting on your fake photo smile with your arm awkwardly draped over your sister’s shoulder. I fully believe that you are at your most beautiful when you are being your amazing, natural, actual self. That means you’ll be moving. You’ll be running. You’ll be dancing. You’ll be kissing (where appropriate…don’t be weird). And you’ll be laughing. Because the story is so much more interesting when there’s real life involved. And yes, you’re going to feel awkward at first. But trust me, by the end you’ll be wishing you’d done this ages ago.

See Me in action at the SAN DIEGO HUMANE SOCIETY

My love of animals, and particularly dogs, was my initial inspiration to become a photographer. I've been volunteering at the Humane Society in San Diego since moving her, and in Chicago before that. I love donating my skills to help these amazing pups find a forever home. Thanks to my amazing, Emmy award-winning friend Bree Steffen for filming this expose on my volunteer photography at the San Diego Humane Society during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has now been viewed over 23,000 times on Facebook! You can check out Bree's amazing work at Pause Creative Collective.